Ongoing multidisciplinary research and educational activities in the Aye Lab (est. July 2012) are only made possible through the support of institutional and extramural funds from:

  • 2017 The Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance through a Pershing Square Sohn Young Investigator in Cancer Research Prize
  • 2017 U.S. Department of the Navy – The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator award
  • 2016 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation through a Sloan Fellowship award
  • 2015 Burroughs Wellcome Fund through a collaborative research travel grant award
  • 2014 National Institutes of Health – Office of the Director through a New Innovator award
  • 2014 National Science Foundation – Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences through an NSF CAREER award
  • 2014 Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation through a Beckman Young Investigator award
  • 2014 Cornell University & Weill Cornell Medicine through junior faculty lab start-up funds and an intercampus seed grant, and
  • 2012 Milstein Foundation through a Howard Milstein Sesquicentennial Fellowship award

Additional Foundations and Programs are gratefully acknowledged for graduate student fellowships:

  • 2017 American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship Program (to Jesse Poganik)
  • 2016, 2017 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (to Daniel Urul and Alexandra Van Hall-Beauvis)
  • 2013, 2015 National Institutes of Health – Chemistry and Biology Interface Training Program (to Jesse Poganik and Joe Haegele)
  • 2015 Howard Hughes Medical Institute – International Predoctoral Fellowship Program (to Saba Parvez), and
  • 2014 Ananda Mahidol Foundation (to Sine Wisitpitthaya, 2012 Fall – 2017 Spring)

The following fellowship programs are acknowledged for supporting the Aye lab’s present and former undergraduate researchers:

  • 2017 – the Morris Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship (to Paul Huang, Cornell Chemistry ’18)
  • 2016 – the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (to Shiv Chawla, Cornell Chemistry and Biology ’17)
  • 2013, 2016 – the Hill Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship (to William Blessing, Cornell Engineering ’14; Sanjna Surya, Cornell Biology ’18)
  • 2016 – the Barry Goldwater Scholarship (to Shiv Chawla, Cornell Chemistry and Biology ’17)
  • 2014 – the Cornell P3 Pre-professional Scholarship (to Dustin Lee, Cornell Chemistry ’15)
  • 2014, 2017 – the Douglas Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship (to Vanha Pham, Cornell Chemistry ’17; Lining Zheng, Cornell Chemistry ’18)
  • 2016 – the Amgen Summer Scholar Fellowship (to Vanha Pham, Cornell Chemistry ’17)

We are most grateful for all of the support.




2015 marks 150 years of Cornell University