Dr Xin-qiang Fang

Postdoctoral Researcher
Ph.D. 2009 Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Xinqiang was with us from 2012 Sept till 2013 Aug and contributed to one of our first manuscripts as a co-first author. Xinqiang is now starting off his independent career as a Research Professor at the Fujian Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Dr Jiayang Li

Research Associate
Jiayang hailed from materials science background as a recent graduate from Brandeis University. During a short time that Jiayang was with us (Oct 2013 – Feb 2014), she rapidly learned molecular biology and biochemical techniques and contributed to successful completion of a project in collaboration with Saba Parvez and Dr. Yuan Fu. Jiayang went on to independently initiate a new project! Jiayang is heading back to Beijing to begin her new Research Assistant Professorship position at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing, China.


Dr Hongyu Lin

Postdoctoral Researcher
Hongyu is originally from China, came to our lab from Brandeis, and was with us until May 2015. Hongyu made numerous contributions, most notably to the T-REX Electrophile Toolbox. In our lab, Hongyu contributed to first and second-author publications in JACS, Nature Protocols, ChemBioChem, and a couple more contributed-author papers currently in revision/preparation. Hongyu is now a research associate at Xiamen University, Chinese Academy of Sciences.








Dr. Soura (Souradyuti) Ghosh
Postdoctoral Researcher
Soura hailed from india, and upon completion of his PhD program at Johns Hopkins, Soura spent a year with us from August 2015 till Sept 2016, and contributed to setting up some key foundational stones for our C. elegans T-REX projects. Soura is a co-author of our inaugural worm paper in preparation. Soura also assisted in the preparation of a recently accepted review article that highlights chemical tools in subcellular redox targeting in cultured cells and model organisms. As of early 2017, Soura began his teaching assistant professorship position back in his homeland, India (at Bennett University).

Dr Yuan Fu Yuan_publication_list

Ph.D. 2012 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, U.S.A.
B.S. 2008 Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Favorite Pastimes: Science


Postdoctoral Researcher (2012 July – 2017 Feb)

Yuan is a native of China. He started alongside Yimon upon graduation from UIUC. Yuan is one of our two dedicated founding postdoctoral members of the Aye Lab. Yuan’s contributions were instrumental in helping us hit the ground running in our starting years. Yuan carried away several first-author/co-first-author publications from his time in our lab and he is currently applying for assistant professorship positions back in Asia.

Sine (Somsinee) Wisitpitthaya, Graduate student member

from Spring 2013 to January 2017 (successfully defended thesis!)

Anandamahidol Foundation Scholar (2015 – 2017 spring)

B.S. and M.S. 2011 Chemistry, Chulalongkurn University, Thailand

Ph.D. 2017 Chemistry, Cornell University, USA

Favorite Pastimes: Reading novels



Sine is a native of Thailand. Sine represents one of the 3 founding graduate-student members of the Aye Lab. Sine worked on our nucleotide signaling research program and contributed to a first-authored publication and two co-authored manuscripts during her time in lab. Sine is presently applying for jobs both within the US and back in her homeland. We recently bid farewell to Sine along with three of our graduating seniors.


William Blessing

Undergrad member (summer 2012 – spring 2014)
Class of 2014, College of Engineering, Major: Biological Engineering
– William is now a graduate student in Professor Mark Grinstaff’s laboratory at Boston University


Lisette Gallegos

Undergrad member (summer, fall 2012)
Class of 2013, College of Arts & Sciences, Major: Chemistry & Chemical Biology,
Cornell University
– Lis is now working as a program development assistant at the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF), a non-profit organization focusing on enhancing chemistry education


Tyler Peterhansel

Undergrad member (summer, fall 2012; spring 2013)
Class of 2013, College of Arts & Sciences, Major: Chemistry
– Tyler is now with the ‘Teach for America’ non-profit organization promoting quality education in low-income communities.


Eva Ge

Undergrad member (summer, fall 2012; spring 2013)
Class of 2013, College of Arts & Sciences, Major: Chemistry
– Eva is now a graduate student in Professor Tom Muir’s laboratory at Princeton University


Dustin Lee

Undergrad member (spring 2013 – spring 2015)
Class of 2015, College of Arts & Sciences, Major: Chemistry & Asian Studies
– Dustin is currently taking a gap year

Latest news – Dustin will join the Stony Brook Medical School program starting fall 2016


picture (Pra)








Pra Bhattacharyya
Undergrad member (summer 2013)
Class of 2016, College of Arts & Sciences, Major: Physics
– Pra is currently on sabbatical from chemical biology research

  • Latest news – Apr 2016 – Pra will begin his graduate studies in Physics at UC Berkeley (starting fall 2016)








Gene Hu
Undergrad member (fall 2013 – spring 2015)
Class of 2015, College of Arts & Sciences, Major: Chemistry & Psychology

  • Gene has joined the UT Southwestern Medical School program starting fall 2015









Yiran Wang

Undergrad member (summer 2015 – spring 2016)

Class of 2016, College of Arts and Sciences, Major: Chemistry

  • Yiran is currently taking an internship prior to beginning her medical school training


Elaine Fletcher
Undergrad member (Spring 2015-Spring 2016)

Class of 2017, College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Chemistry

  • Elaine is preparing to apply to medical school

Aohan Dang

Undergrad member (Summer and Fall 2016)

Class of 2018, College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Biochemistry

♦  After exploring wet chemical biology research, Aohan decided to pursue his keen interest in computational biology. He is currently involved with computational and system biology research at Cornell till graduation in May 2018.




Rotation and Visiting Students

Tonieh Ingram (HHMI CHAMPS Program, Summer 2015)
Jake Usery (BMCB, Summer 2015)
Jordana Bloom (BMCB, joint with Prof. Bob Weiss’s lab, Spring 2015)
Steve Pisano (BMCB, Spring 2015)
Inna Sirota (BMCB, Spring 2015)
Carl Schlitz (BMCB, Fall 2014)
Henry Le (CCB, Jan 2014 – Feb 2015)