Yimon Aye PhD  short_CV

Associate professor, Laboratory of Electrophiles And Genome Operation (LEAGO), ISIC, EPFL, Switzerland








Undergraduate Education (2000 – 2004): Honors School of Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK
Graduate Education (2004 – 2009): Organic Chemistry, Harvard University, USA
Postdoctoral Training (2009 – 2012): Biological Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Background: Yimon Aye was born and raised in Burma. She moved to the UK to study for sixth form (high school) and then read chemistry at Oxford University, UK. She moved to Harvard University, USA, achieving a Ph.D. in organic chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dave Evans. She then moved to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to research the cellular and biochemical regulatory mechanisms of the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase with Prof. JoAnne Stubbe. In her independent career at Cornell University that began in mid-2012, she set out to understand the detailed mechanisms of electrophile signaling. This impetus culminated in the development of “REX” technologies (T-REX™ delivery and G-REX™ profiling). In a parallel research program distinct from redox-dependent cell signaling, she studies proteins/pathways involved in mammalian genome maintenance and nucleotide signaling, including the mechanisms of anticancer agents in clinical use. As of August 2018, she is leading Laboratory of Electrophile Signaling And Genome Operation (LEAGO) at ISIC, EPFL as a tenured associate professor.

Favorite Pastimes: Outreach, LEGO (no A)

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Carole Loeffen Berthet

E-mail: carole(dot)berthet(at)epfl.ch

Postdoctoral Members

Dr. Yi Zhao Yi Publication List
Ph.D. 2014 National University of Singapore, Singapore
B.S. 2009 Sichuan University, China
Member since November 2014
Favorite Pastimes: Badminton, hiking






Dr. Xuyu Liu Xuyu publication list
Ph.D. 2016 University of Sydney, Australia
M.S. 2011 Victoria University of Welington, New Zealand
B.S. 2008 Victoria University of Welington, New Zealand
Member since January 2017
Favorite Pastimes: Magic tricks, badminton







Dr. Dziyana (Diana) Hnedzko Diana’s List of Publications
Ph.D. 2017 Binghamton University, SUNY
Member since March 2017
Favorite Pastimes: Tennis, camping, pump it up (game)






Dr. Xiaopeng Yin
Ph.D. 2017 Michigan State University, MI, U.S.A
B.S. 2011 Nanjing University, China,
Member since January 2018
Favorite Pastimes: Swimming, Running










Graduate Students

(NetIDs in parentheses–email addresses are NetID AT cornell.edu)


Jesse Poganik (jrp343)

NIH-CBI T32 Training Program Fellow (2015 fall – 2017 spring)

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellow (since 2017 July)

B.S. 2013 Chemistry, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY, U.S.A
Member since Spring 2015
Favorite Pastimes: Reading, hiking





Urul_Group_PhotoDaniel Urul (dau24)

Cornell Graduate Fellowship Awardee (2016 fall – 2017 spring)

NSF GRFP Fellow (2017 summer – 2020)

B.S. 2014 Chemistry, University of Florida, FL, U.S.A
Member since Spring 2016
Favorite Pastimes: Tabletop games, coding








Alexandra Van Hall-Beauvais (akv44)

Cornell Graduate Fellowship Awardee (2017 fall – 2018 spring)

NSF GRFP Fellow (2018 summer – 2021)

B.S. 2016 Chemistry, University at Buffalo, NY, U.S.A
Member since Spring 2017
Favorite Pastimes: Playing the flute, traveling, baking







Lingxi Wang (lw635)

B.S. in Chemistry, 2017, Tsinghua University, China
Member since Spring 2018
Favorite Pastimes: Playing Pipa (Chinese lute), drawing, swimming




Bokyoung Kim (bokyoung.kim@epfl.ch)

M.S. in Chemical Biology, 2018, UNIGE/EPFL, Switzerland

Member since Summer 2018

Favorite Pastimes: Watching movies, solving algebra


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