2016 July 5th

(Daniel: workshop leader – an NSF GRFP fellow and current 2nd-year grad student in the Aye Lab;

Michael, Paul, Sanjna, Joe, and Shiv: workshop volunteers and grad students and undergrad researchers in the Aye Lab)

IMG_3167_Michael IMG_3161_Sanjna IMG_3160_Michael IMG_3151_Joe IMG_3140_Paul IMG_3138_PaulNMR IMG_3134_Paul-Gun IMG_3126_Paul-hood IMG_3125_Paul IMG_3119_Michael&Sanjna IMG_3112_Michael-TC IMG_3109_Daniel-worm IMG_3089_Shiv-NMR IMG_3061_Shiv-hood IMG_3052_Daniel-TC IMG_3049_Daniel IMG_3035_Daniel-hall IMG_3032_Daniel hallway

Cornell Expanding Your Horizons

2016 April 30th

(Sine: elected co-chair of the 2016 NY-statewide EYH Conference; Vanha: volunteer “buddy”; Yimon: volunteer panelist for ‘life as a scientist’ session)

Workshop for the Teachers – March 2016 –

for the CIBT-coordinated Master Teachers Program

(Jesse: workshop leader; Daniel, Marcus, Shiv, and Sine: contributing volunteers; Michael and Vanha: volunteer photographers; Dr. Laurel Southard: coordinator and director of CIBT)

Cornell Expanding Your Horizons 2015

Joe, Saba, and Sine: workshop leaders; Jesse, Michael, Vanha,  Elaine, and Dustin: volunteers


July 2015 Team RET (NSF – CCMR)


2013 Lab Visit (Ithaca Youth Bureau)


Candid Shots