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Making use of T-REX in zebrafish – Just Accepted by Nature Chemical Biology

Akt3 is a privileged first responder in isozyme-specific electrophile response (2016) Nature Chemical Biology Just Accepted (to be available online in January 2017) Marcus J. C. Long#, Saba Parvez#, Yi Zhao, Sanjna L. Surya, Yiran Wang, Sheng Zhang, and Yimon… Continue Reading →

Our Live-Cell T-REX Protocol is now available in Nature Protocols

Public Sharing Supported by Springer Nature Content Sharing Initiative, SharedIt link: T-REX On-Demand Redox Targeting in Live Cells Credit goes to all of the present and former Aye lab T-REX team members who contributed to building of this unique toolset… Continue Reading →

Our lab was recognized by the 2016-ICBS rising star chemical biologist award sponsored by ACS Chemical Biology – we are grateful for the support

Our lab was selected for a 2017 ACS WCC rising star chemist award – we thank the ACS WCC

Our latest Perspective “The Die is Cast” was selected as an ACS Editors’ Choice article and for the journal Cover Art

The Die is Cast: Precision electrophilic modifications contribute to cellular decision making Peer-reviewed article contributed as part of 2016 ACS CRT Young Investigator Award to Aye Lab This Perspective sets out to critically evaluate the scope of reactive electrophilic small… Continue Reading →

Saba won a 2016 ACS Division of Biological Chemistry Travel Award

Saba Parvez, one of the graduate student founding members of the Aye lab, was selected to receive an ACS BIOL travel award to attend and present at the Fall 2016 ACS National Meeting – we thank the ACS Division of… Continue Reading →

Yiran, Sanjna, Shiv, and Joe are honored by Cornell student awards

  Our lab graduating senior, Yiran Wang, was honored by an ACS Cornell Section Undergraduate Research Award “to recognize accomplishments in the laboratory”. Yiran is a contributing author in two of our lab’s original research manuscripts – one just revised… Continue Reading →

“T-REX On-Demand Redox Targeting” – accepted by Nature Protocols

T-REX On-Demand Redox Targeting in Live Cells (2016) Nature Protocols In Press  (DOI: 10.1038/nprot.2016.114) Saba Parvez#, Marcus J. C. Long#, Hong-Yu Lin+, Yi Zhao+, Joseph A. Haegele, Vanha N. Pham, Dustin K. Lee, and Yimon Aye* #, + These authors… Continue Reading →

“Mode of action of antileukemic drugs cladribine and fludarabine” – accepted by ACS Chemical Biology

Cladribine and Fludarabine Nucleotides Induce Distinct Hexamers Defining a Common Mode of Reversible RNR Inhibition Somsinee Wisitpitthaya¶†, Yi Zhao†, Marcus J. C. Long†, Minxing Li§, Elaine A. Fletcher†, William A. Blessing†, Robert S. Weiss§, and Yimon Aye†,‡*  2016 May ACS… Continue Reading →

We are looking forward to two new undergraduates starting with us this summer: Paul Huang and Aohan Dang. Welcome Paul and Aohan!


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