Jesse’s scientific contributions thus far:

Just Accepted:

2017 Cell Chemical Biology

β-TrCP1 is a vacillatory regulator of Wnt signaling, either degrading β-catenin or preventing Nrf2 inhibition of Wnt


2017 ACS Chemical Biology

Subcellular Redox Targeting: Bridging in Vitro and in Vivo Chemical Biology.

2016 Journal of the American Chemical Society

On-Demand Targeting: Investigating Biology with Proximity-Directed Chemistry

Proximity Enhancement — ACS LiveSlides

In Revision:

Long MJC, Parvez S, Poganik JR, Miller B, Fetcho JR, Aye Y* (electrophile signaling research in zebrafish)


Poganik JR et al. (electrophile signaling research in cultured cells and zebrafish)