• Alexandra won a Covestro Teaching Excellence Award, which honors 5-7 exceptional graduate student teaching assistants each year. Alexandra was recognized for her excellent contributions to CHEM3590 (Honors Organic Chemistry I) this semester. Alexandra has recently also won an NSF GRFP graduate fellowship.


  • Saba won a Tunis Wentick Prize, which honors outstanding research contributions from top 5th-yr graduate students in each of the sub-disciplines. Saba was selected as a winner for this year’s award in the field of biological chemistry. Saba previously received an HHMI international predoctoral fellowship (2015-2018) and an ACS Travel Award from the ACS Division of Biological Chemistry (fall 2016).

    Saba (and visiting primary school students)

  • Vanha won a Leo and Berdie Mandelkern Prize, a highest honor for top 2-3 graduating seniors entering graduate programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Vanha is starting her graduate program in Chemical Biology at UC Berkeley. Vanha recently won an NSF graduate fellowship, and previously won an Amgen research scholarship (summer 2016) and an ASBMB national meeting theme poster award (spring 2016).
  • Michael won an ACS Cornell Section Undergraduate Research Prize, which honors 5 most outstanding senior chem major undergradurate researchers. Michael is off to University of Chicago for his graduate studies in Chemical Biology. Michael recently received an honorable mention from the NSF graduate fellowship program.

    Michael and Vanha

  • Shiv won a George C. Caldwell Prize, which honors 1-2 graduating seniors with all-round excellence. Shiv is going to medical school following his gap-year internship. Shiv was also a 2016 National Barry Goldwater Scholar and one of the winners of the 2016 ACS DOC SURF undergraduate research fellowship award.

    Shiv (and visiting middle school girls during our recent mutant madness worm workshop, 2017 Cornell EYH)