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KINGFISHER: Fish-REX appears in Nature Chemical Biology and is highlighted in ‘News & Views’ in the same journal

Akt3 is a privileged first responder in isozyme-specific electrophile response:

Kingfisher (image from

Nature Chemical Biology doi:10.1038/nchembio.2284

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News and Views:

Nature Chemical Biology doi:10.1038/nchembio.2311

Highlighted by the Cornell Chronicle (est. 1969):

We thank all of the contributing team members: Sanjna is one of our eight undergrad researchers, and Yiran is one of our recently-graduated seniors currently in her gap-year internship applying to medical schools. Saba is an HHMI pre-doc fellow and one of the 5th-yr grad-student founding members of the Aye lab. Marcus and Yi are the two leading postdocs in our electrophile signaling research program. Dr Zhang is the Director of Cornell proteomics facility. We thank Professor Joe Fetcho, Brian Miller, and Nikki Gilbert for zebrafish technique transfer and generous sharing of the zebrafish husbandry and microinjection facility. We acknowledge intra- and extramural research and student awards supporting our electrophile signaling research program.