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Making use of T-REX in zebrafish – Just Accepted by Nature Chemical Biology

Akt3 is a privileged first responder in isozyme-specific electrophile response

(2016) Nature Chemical Biology Just Accepted (to be available online in January 2017)

Marcus J. C. Long#, Saba Parvez#, Yi Zhao, Sanjna L. Surya, Yiran Wang, Sheng Zhang, and Yimon Aye*

(#, co-first authors. *, corresponding author)


We thank all of the contributing team members: Sanjna is one of our eight undergrad researchers, and Yiran is one of our recently-graduated seniors currently in her gap-year internship applying to medical schools. Saba is an HHMI pre-doc fellow and one of the 5th-yr grad-student founding members of the Aye lab. Marcus and Yi are the two leading postdocs in our electrophile signaling research program. Dr Zhang is the Director of Cornell proteomics facility.